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Please enter your team name. You may enter multiple rib entries (see rules below) by typing in team name and clicking “add to cart” after each. Make sure the name, address, phone number, and email you provide during checkout are the correct contact details for your team.

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Thanks for entering our 7th Annual BBQ-Blues Rib Cook-Off!

1st Prize ~ $500 | 2nd Prize ~ $300 3rd Prize ~ $100 | 4th Prize ~ $50 | 5th Prize ~ $50

Rules & Scoring:

  • Location: First Street between Wright and Gooding Streets – Downtown LaSalle, IL
  • Setup begins no earlier than 7am. Any team that sets up prior to 7am will be disqualified.
  • Cooking sites will be assigned upon arrival – at 7am or after.
  • Meat inspection upon arrival at check-in.
  • Pork Back or Spare Ribs.
  • Only one entry per grill. Multiple entries are allowed per team but you must have multiple grills (i.e. one team of 4 people bring 2 grills and can enter 2 sets of 8+ ribs but must pay 2 x $30 entry fees, 3 grills=3 entries, etc.)
  • The entry platter will be assigned at check-in with each contestant’s own entry number.
  • Use of charcoal & wood(s) only, no propane grills. Pellet grills are allowed but generators will NOT be permitted and power sources are not available.
  • Ribs may be trimmed/”silver skin” removed prior to check-in but no pre-seasoning, marinating, or precooking allowed.
  • Use of sauce is not required, but NO pooling of “sauce on the side” will be allowed.
  • Turn-in time will be at 6:00 pm at the Judging area.
  • A “turn-in” of a minimum of eight or more bone-in, singulated pork ribs will be expected. Any judge served an entry without a bone will automatically be scored a “0” in all categories.
  • Entries will be scored on three categories: Taste, Tenderness, and Appearance, which will be weighted 2.25, 1.25, and .50, respectively. Scores for each category will range from 2 (inedible) up to 9 (excellent). The lowest judge’s score will be thrown out.
  • Winners will be announced at 8:00 p.m. on the stage.
  • The Entry Fee is $30.
  • Scores will be posted after the awards presentation.